Professional Installation

Professionally Installed

Professional Installation is a very good option. It enables a greater range of window types to be installed than those currently available for DIY.

Window and Door Types


You can measure up and make a guestimate yourself based on our Pricing Chart and Easy to Measure Guide. 

For a more accurate estimate, send us the details as per the guide and we will respond with an estimate.   A Professional Installer will then contact you if you have made that request.  

If you want your windows Professionally Installed here is what you need to do :

  1. Identify your window and door types
  2. Check if they are suitable for ecoGlazing
  3. Measure your windows following our Easy To Measure Guide
  4. Record your measurements in the format outlined in the Easy To Measure Guide
  5. Submit your details on this form
  6. We will respond with an estimate based on the information you supply
  7. If you are happy with the estimate let us know
  8. We will refer you to one of our ecoMaster Certified ecoGlaze Installers if there is one in your area

Window and Door Types – IDENTIFY YOUR WINDOW and/or DOOR TYPES 

ecoGlaze® can be easily applied to all timber windows and some commercial grade aluminium windows.  

Window Types

Window Types

Fixed window

Sliding window

Some residential aluminium-framed windows do not allow enough space for the ecoGlaze system to fit. However, many homes (particularly apartments) are fitted with commercial aluminium window frames, which are often the perfect size. 

How to check if your aluminium frames are suitable: 

Hinged Windows

The ecoGlaze system will be attached to the face of the window sash and will move with the window as it opens. Your window will need 26mm around all sides.

Fixed Windows

Check that you have a minimum depth of 40mm around your window frame to allow enough space between the ecoGlaze panel and your existing glass.

Sliding Windows

Unfortunately, most aluminium sliding windows are very slim and overlap when your window opens, making ecoGlaze not suitable.
Only timber sliding windows are suitable for ecoGlaze®.

Identify your window types

These images show the different types of windows for which the ecoGlaze system is available.  If you have any of these window types and would like ecoGlaze to be Professionally Installed download the Easy to Measure Guide. Use that guide to identify and measure your window types.  Click on the link below to submit those measurements to us for a cost estimate.

Awning windows

Hinged casement windows

Fixed windows

Sash sliding/double hung windows

Horizontal timber sliding windows

Decorative fixed windows

Download The Easy to Measure Guide

Door Types

Identify your door types

These images show the different types of doors the ecoGlaze system is suitable for.  If you have any of these door types and would like ecoGlaze to be Professionally Installed follow instructions on the Easy to Measure Guide.  Once you have recorded the information you then key in your measurement data in the format we provide,  then submit it to us for a cost estimate.

French Doors

Sliding wooden doors

Single hinged door

Colonial bar door/s

Decorative doors

Decorative doors with side lites and high lites

Download The Easy to Measure Guide

Professionally Installed


Professional Installation is a very good option.  It enables a greater range of window types to be installed than those currently available for DIY.

It saves you a lot of time, and if you are not such an experienced DIYer you can relax and have the Professional do everything for you.  

Professional Installation usually takes about an hour per window, depending on the window type, size and where it is located in your home.   The work will be carried out swiftly and efficiently with minimal disruption in your household.

Our price guide estimate chart and window measurement guide allows you to calculate your own costing estimate or if you would like us to provide an estimate for you, simply measure, using our measuring guide for each type of window and/or door and fill out our form to submit to us.  We will provide you with the best estimate possible without seeing your windows. 

When you engage a professional installer, your installer will order all the materials needed for your job and

carry out the installation. The professional installer will formalise a quote at the time of, or soon after visiting you.

At this point you will be interested in:

  1. Pricing
  2. The types of windows and doors that are suitable for the ecoGlaze system
  3. We will show you how to measure up and work out a cost estimate
  4. Then you simply fill out the form to request Professional Installation


Professional Installers can install a greater variety of window and door types than DIY

Professional Installation takes about 1 hour per window to install

Estimate the cost yourself or send us measurements for an initial estimate

ecoGlaze Retrofit Double Glazing Professionally Installed Pricing Guide 

Window/door type

ecoGlaze system approx $ per sq
metre incl GST

Professional Installer
Provides quote based on the work involved

Awning windows $400 – $450

Whilst these prices include installation, they may vary depend on your geographic location, where your windows are situated in your house, different window sizes and the availability of a Certified ecoMaster ecoGlaze installer.


If you decide to source your own Installer go to the DIY section 













Casement windows $400 – $450
Sash – Double Hung windows >$450
Fixed window $400 – $450
Sliding timber windows >$450
Decorative windows > $450
French doors/hinged doors $400 – $450
Sliding timber doors >$450
Colonial Bar Doors >$450
Decorative doors >$450
Fixed lite/pane $400 – $450
High or side lites/panels/panes >$450

ecoGlaze Retrofit Double Glazing Pricing Guide for Professional Installation

An example cost, using a Professional Installer, depending on the window size, type, location in your home, your geographical location and the expertise of your installer:

Estimate cost using a fixed window as an example.

Product Height mm Width mm

Square metres

$ per sq. metre

$  including GST

ecoGlaze Fixed 1000mm 450mm 0.45 sqm $450 $202.50