What people say about ecoGlaze

It’s not only what we say about ecoGlaze it’s also what our clients say.

Having installed ecoGlaze in thousands of homes all our clients have been amazed.  It has been an ideal solution to make their home more comfortable all year and they have made significant savings on their energy bills since the installation.

Chris and Robin talk about what motivated them to ecoGlaze the windows in their home in the cold Victorian climate.

Their house had been built quite some time ago and all the windows, and there were a lot of them, were all single glazed. 

Every year they struggled to get and stay warm until they installed ecoGlaze

Over the years ecoMaster has installed ecoGlaze into thousands of Victorian homes. 

Maurice Beinat, ecoMaster’s Technical Director, has constantly received positive feedback on the looks and the results of this product.

He talks here about what some people have said.

Elvira wanted a sustainable home for her family.

“We knew that we’d have to improve our house in stages so we wanted to spend our money where it was going to be most effective.

And so having that assessment really allowed us to work out what our priorities were and what our budget would be and have a savings plan for the future so that we could do all of the things we wanted to do to our house.

Here Elvira talks about ecoGlazing the windows and doors in their house.

Discover the Magic of ecoGlaze: Your Affordable Solution to Double Glazing

Installing ecoGlaze on non-opening windows is typically a straightforward DIY endeavor. The design of most window units includes timber reveals—those frames that run all around your window—providing the perfect surface for mounting ecoGlaze profiles smoothly and efficiently.

One of our clients, an adept DIY enthusiast, recently decided to install ecoGlaze on their unique timber-framed windows, which featured both Fixed and Casement lites. While the structure was mostly suitable for ecoGlaze, there were a couple of challenges with the window frame’s left and right sides lacking the regular reveal. Read more

Comments from someone who wished they had used ecoGlaze instead of replacement double glazing

I wish I had known about some effects of double glazing

Not so long ago we bought an old weatherboard workman’s cottage in Melbourne.  It had been nicely renovated and presented as being very comfortable and pretty.  The building inspection checked out ok, so we were happy the house had been well renovated.

The back had been opened up with timber framed double glazed doors and windows to let a lot of light in and to enter a new deck area.  It was very functional and lovely.

Not long after we moved in we noticed a number of cracks and large gaps starting to appear in the wooden floorboards throughout the house.  This was making the house very cold but also we were very concerned about the stability of the house as some areas were starting to slope downwards.

After much investigation with builders and engineers we found that the double glazed doors were too heavy for the foundations of the house and the stumps underneath the house were giving away as a result of the weight in the back area of the house.

There was very little crawl space underneath the house and it took us ages to find somebody to re-stump and stabilise it.  Then we had to deal with all the gaps and cracks throughout the floors, around the windows and other doorways that were created as a result of the house coming apart.  It was money we certainly hadn’t budgeted for and not something we thought could possibly happen.

I wish I had known about these types of issues, and I now know that this problem would not have occurred if ecoGlaze had been used in this instance instead of double glazing.  It is crucial to take the structure of your house into consideration when renovating it yourself and then on-selling it to create enormous problems for the new owner.  ecoGlaze would have been ideal for this renovation.