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ecoGlaze has just become available for FIXED WINDOWS

DIY ecoGlaze Retrofit Double Glazing

You have decided to ecoGlaze your own windows, or you have sourced your own Installer.  This could be an experienced Handyperson or a Carpenter.

If you are doing it yourself, your Handyperson skills will be well developed, you feel comfortable in carrying out many home improvements and you pay very close attention to detail.  This is an ideal project for you.

Not only will you save more money, you will have a great project to work on, and when finished feel a great sense of achievement and a job you can be proud of.  You will have made a huge difference to the energy efficiency of your home –  you continue to save on your energy costs; the members of your household will feel more comfortable throughout the year; you windows and doors will look as beautiful, if not more so; and you will know you are making a difference to the environment by reducing carbon emissions and landfill.

We recommend you start with one window in your home as a test window.  And for now, if you have fixed windows, that will be your starting point.  By just doing one window first, it allows you to take your time, follow all our instructions carefully, and become familiar with the process.

The rest will come easily when a greater range of window types become available for DIY.

All video and written instructions will guide you along the way and if you really get stuck you can contact us for help and support.

DIY ecoGlaze Retrofit Double Glazing Pricing Guide

The ecoGlaze comprises two parts.  The first part is the ecoGlaze system which is the framework that holds the glazing to the window and together.

An ecoGlaze set includes:

  1. 1 x Fixed moulding – each one is  2100mm long fitted with two magnets
  2. 1 x Corresponding fixed angle with adhesive applied to the back of the broad face
  3. 2100mm length of EMV (ecoMaster V Seal)
  4. 3 x ‘How To’ videos
  5. An online summary of ‘How To’ instructions

The second part is the Acrylic Sheet.

The supplier will cut the acrylic sheet to the exact measurements you provide.  It is very important to note that you ONLY ORDER the Acrylic after the mouldings have been installed.  This ensures your measurements are accurate and prevents any performance issues during different weather conditions (e.g. shrinkage in cold weather, expansion in hot weather).

Acrylic needs to be handled with great care.  The panels are very strong and virtually unbreakable, however, they can scratch.  Take great care when storing them until you are ready to install them.  Avoid contact with any sharp tools or other instruments.  Keep out of the way of children or pets.

ecoGlaze is currently  only available for Fixed Windows.  On-sash (vertical sliding) and in-sash (hinged doors or windows)  will be available in 2023.  Register your interest now and we will keep you informed of these developments.

The ecoGlaze system is sold as a set.  Once you have installed the ecoGlaze system you then order the Acrylic Panel from either one of our suggested suppliers or your own sourced supplier.

An example cost for you to Do it Yourself:

You will notice from this table that not one price fits all.

The ecoGlaze system is calculated at $98.00 (incl. GST) per set.  The size of your window dictates the number of sets you need.  The DIY ecoGlaze Fixed set comes in 2100mm lengths.

The ecoGlaze mouldings cannot be joined.  You need a complete length of moulding for each side of the window.

Depending upon the window dimensions, some make very good use of the 2100mm set length while others generated significant offcuts.   Example # 3 shows where a window height will need one set for each side, plus one set for the top and bottom.

The acrylic is sold by the square metre and calculated on a cost per sq. metre.  The size of the acrylic will not be identical to the size of the moulding measurement as the acrylic will expand in hot weather and shrink slightly in cold weather.  The Installation Videos explain how to obtain an accurate measurement to ensure you allow the space for this shrinkage and expansion.

There is no one size that fits all – every household has different window sizes.

So whilst you can calculate an estimate based on the examples we have provided.   To obtain an accurate cost click on ‘Get Started,’ and  enter the details in the form we provide. Once you enter the number of sets and colour you require in the webstore, the exact cost of your ecoGlaze sets with freight included will be available in the check out cart.
The acrylic panel will be an additional cost and your Acrylic Supplier will invoice you directly.

When you click to get started you will find clear instructions with videos for you to follow precisely.  It is essential you follow these instructions in order to achieve a successful installation.  Make sure you watch, listen, and read all the instructions before starting.

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What type of windows and doors are in your house?

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