DIY Measurements

Before you start measuring your windows to enter that information into your personal DIY ecoGlaze estimator, there are a few things that you need to know:

The difference between a window and a lite: 

  • A window is a glazed unit in its entirety.  It is often more than one piece of glass fitted into the framing. 
  • A lite is an individual piece of glass within a window.

When dealing with secondary glazing, we need to think in terms of individual lites instead of whole windows.  Some window units have several lites and some lites may be openable.  In terms of ecoGlaze, that means that you will be dealing with two different types of ecoGlaze solutions – Fixed for the non-opening lites and the On-Sash solution for the wind-out lites. 

ecoGlaze - secondary glazing solution for existing windows - DIY measure

The estimating process:

How many sets of mouldings you will need is a two part process:  defining WHAT you need and HOW to enter that information.

Part 1 is defining WHAT you need:


  • Name the room and the window name                 

e.g. dining / left

  • Create a Lite Identifier                                               

e.g. lower window / upper window 

This helps you keep track of all your windows when ecoGlazing many windows

  • The height and width of the lite in millimetres 

This is an estimate only – you won’t cut mouldings from these measurements, it is just to guide you in determining how many moulding sets you will need 

  • The colour of the mouldings required 

The moulding choices are either white aluminium or raw timber 


ecoGlaze - how to - DIY measurements by ecoMaster

Part 2 is HOW to enter that information: 

  • How to determine how many ecoGlaze sets 
  • How to enter your window sizes into the ecoGlaze Estimator


    How to measure accurately:

    Accurate measurement is critical to the success of your DIY ecoGlaze installation.  Watch this video to learn how.