How it Works

Glass is extremely good at enabling the transfer of heat by conduction and radiation. This means that any single glazed window will let lots of heat into your home in summer, and transfer lots of heat out in winter. Sitting near a closed window on a hot day is one of the easiest ways to overheat in the harsh Australian summer, but you’ve also probably noticed how cold you can feel when sitting next to a window in winter, as the glass conducts the heat from your body outside. 

ecoGlaze solves this problem by reducing the heat conductivity of your windows by up to 50%.

 Here’s how it works:

ecoGlaze uses a high quality, crystal clear acrylic panel, made to measure for your window, that is held firmly in place on your existing window frame by beautifully crafted mouldings fitted with hidden magnets. ecoGlaze works by trapping a layer of still air between your existing window and the acrylic panel. Unlike glass, air is not highly conductive, so that layer of still air is the key to ecoGlaze’s effectiveness. The ecoGlaze system is fitted with a specialised spacer that holds the panel away from your original glass.

ecoGlaze: is the secondary glazing solution you have been looking for.

The distance between the ecoGlaze panel and the glass has been scientifically calculated so that the layer of air in between is the perfect size to give your window maximum thermal efficiency
Scientifically Calculated

Made to measure for your windows if installed professionally or we make it easy for you to install it yourself

Save energy and save the earth’s resources

You can paint to match your
existing window colour
Strong, secure, safe, almost unbreakable

Your windows will no longer feel cold

High quality, crystal clear acrylic

Be Amazed with ecoGlaze