ecoGlaze by ecoMaster, Australia’s ONLY Masters in thermal home comfort, liveability and energy efficiency

The most cost effective solution to insulate your windows and doors,
leaving a beautiful finish with all the benefits of double glazing.

Professionally Installed – or – Do It Yourself.


What is ecoGlaze?

Do you need an effective, non-intrusive alternative to double glazing that won’t blow your budget?  

ecoGlaze is the solution you’ve been looking for.

ecoGlaze secondary glazing is beautifully effective, beautiful to look at and beautifully priced. Best of all, it’s designed for you to either have it professionally installed or you can  install yourself.  High quality, crystal clear acrylic panels fit seamlessly to your existing windows with removable  moldings. No mess, no fuss. Just beautiful.

Be Amazed with ecoGlaze!


What does ecoGlaze do?

ecoGlaze mimics the thermal energy efficiency magic that is double glazing but without the hassle or expense of retrofit double glazing.

ecoGlaze adds components to the INSIDE of your existing timber or commercial grade aluminium windows to create a still air layer that is what makes double glazing effective in retaining your winter heat and summer air conditioning.

You keep your existing windows, add beautifully crafted timber or aluminium mouldings in either raw timber or powder coated aluminium then install acrylic sheet to fit your window.
ecoGlaze is suitable for fixed (non opening windows),  hinged windows (like awning windows, hopper windows, wind-out, push-out or casement windows as well as french doors).


Eco Master are impressive for Double Glazing

I have now completed 7 windows adding EcoMasters double glazing system. The system is quite economic and within normal handyman skills for static windows. The 3 YouTube videos explaining the DIY phase are priceless- they cover it all!


You need ecoGlaze if:

  • You want all the benefits of double glazing for only 1/3 of the price
  • You want to retain the appearance, character and function of your existing windows while increasing their thermal efficiency by up to 50%
  • You want to reduce your energy bills by up to, or more than 50%
  • You want the choice of installing secondary glazing yourself or employing a professional to do it
  • You want to increase your home’s energy efficiency
  • You want to be environmentally friendly by using less energy and not contributing to landfill
  • You want a reliable and durable glazing solution that’s almost impossible to break and comes with a 30 year warranty

Key Savings Benefits


Compare the differences and similarities of glazing

So you know you want to improve the insulation and energy efficiency of your windows and home, but maybe you’re still undecided between ecoGlaze and double glazing – or some other insulation product, like window shading?

We believe in making a difference

Here’s how ecoGlaze stacks up against double and single glazing across nine different attributes and qualities:

  • Affordability or Cost
  • Operation or How It Works
  • Effectiveness
  • Aesthetic or How It Looks
  • Functionality
  • Installation
  • Removability and Condensation
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Durability and Safety
ecoglaze numbers

Single, Double Or Secondary Glazing, Which Is The Best? Let’s Look At The Numbers

Have you ever found yourself looking at one of those beautifully designed houses…

All the benefits of double glazing at a fraction of the cost

ecoGlaze suits most wooden framed windows and some commercial grade aluminium windows.

Fixed windows, when secondary glazed with ecoGlaze, will look externally beautiful, as too will all of your other wooden framed windows and / or some types of aluminium framed windows.

PLUS, they are strong, durable, easy to clean.  It’s a revolutionary new way of providing thermal efficiency and reducing your energy costs whilst retaining your uninterrupted picturesque views.