ecoGlaze® Comfortably Smart.

Did you know you can dramatically reduce heat transfer via your windows, keeping your winter warmth in and summer heat out by around 50%? What’s more, you’re not only cutting your energy bills by up to 84% but also minimising your impact on the environment. How smart is that!?

You don’t even have to replace your existing windows because ecoGlaze® is a crystal-clear acrylic panel fitted to your window frame with removable timber mouldings.

These colour-matched timber mouldings lock the ecoGlaze® panel into place. Between the panel and the existing glass is a specialised spacer which separates the two by exactly 14mm. This still-air space is scientifically proven to deliver optimal insulation to reduce the thermal transfer that causes heat loss and gain.

And don't worry, it doesn’t affect the window’s functionality. Whether it’s a hinged window or a sliding door, you can still open and close them as you did before.

Generally speaking, ecoGlaze® can be easily applied to all timber windows and some aluminium windows. This is dependent on the window frame having enough room for the system and sufficient insulating air pocket.

Find out how you can turn your single glazed windows into smarter windows. Download the Easy-To-Measure Guide, send us your measurements and we’ll reply with a free estimate.

Meet Christine & Robin

"It actually halved our winter heating bill, it came down from about $1,600 to $800."

"We just wanted to be more comfortable in the house... just to operate in all areas of the house more comfortably."

"Most houses are older houses and don't have double glazing ... and updating is cheaper than pulling out the windows ..."

Don't Replace Your Windows
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