Compare Glazing

Compare the differences and similarities of glazing

So you know you want to improve the insulation and energy efficiency of your windows and home, but maybe you’re still undecided between ecoGlaze and double glazing – or some other insulation product, like window shading?

Detailed Comparison

*About U-value

The Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS)  measures heat conduction with a number called U-value.  The lower the U-value, the better the performance of the glazing.  The u-Value is just one of the measures that tells us how well glass performs. The performance properties can vary depending on the manufacturing process used by the many different suppliers.

Single glazing with 3mm, 4mm or 5mm has a U value of 5.9 according to Viridian Performance Tables.

The U-value can be applied to the glass (lite) unit and / or it can apply to the entire window unit including the framing. The type and condition of your window or door frame also needs to be taken into consideration.  To get the best performance from some windows you may need to seal any gaps or cracks around the window frame to prevent draughts (air flow) before ecoGlazing.