Will It Suit my Doors

Will ecoGlaze suit my glass doors?

ecoGlaze works equally well on timber-framed glass doors which are most types of timber doors commonly used in Australian homes! ecoGlaze’s beautifully crafted mouldings are made of timber or powder coated aluminium that can be painted or stained to match your existing door frames, maintaining and even enhancing the aesthetics of your doors. This means it is a perfect fit for virtually any timber framed glass door.

Will ecoGlaze suit my type of glass doors?
ecoGlaze suits these kinds of doors

1.French doors

2.Sliding wooden framed doors

3.Single glass hinged doors

4.Glass doors with colonial bars

5.Decorative glass entrance doors

1. French Doors

Are your French Doors rebated or leafed doors?

Rebated French Doors Also known as swinging doors.  Both of the doors have a rebated centre join which allows them to close together.

Leafed French Doors  These are two hinged doors that come together squarely when closed.  Generally, the inactive door is fitted with a mushroom mould that acts as a door stop for the active door.

French doors create a wonderful classic, traditional look and feel to most home styles.  They always add character, charm and beauty to your home.

ecoGlaze secondary glazing will suit any of these three kinds of French doors and even add to their beauty.

2. Sliding Wooden Framed Doors

Sliding wooden framed doors can be single or double varieties depending on the space and degree of openness you have.

They usually consist of one or more fixed panels attached to two hangers on rollers which slide along a track to open.

They are one of the most popular types of doors in Australian homes to connect the inside of your home to your outside area – patio, deck, verandah, entertaining, any oversized openings and large doorways.

ecoGlaze, secondary glazing,  is perfect for installing in sliding wooden framed glass doors.

3. Single Glass Hinged Doors

Single glass hinged wooden frame doors are a popular and stylish classic for any home. They help open up your home to the outdoors be it a patio, verandah, entertaining area or your main entrance door.
They are mounted from the left or right and open inwards or outwards depending on the space and your preference. The size can vary from narrow to wide.

Often a single glass hinged wooden door is accompanied by additional glass configurations such as a single fixed glass lite at one or both sides of the door or glass lite at the top of the door. Double hinged doors are usually referred to as French Doors.

ecoGlaze, secondary glazing, is the ideal partner for these types of doors and accompanying fixed panels.

4. Glass Doors With Colonial Bars

Glass doors with colonial bars (also known as glazing bars) are classic , adding immense character and interest to your home.

ecoGlaze, will suit the many different combinations of wooden framed colonial bar glass doors.  These combinations include single hinged doors opening inward or outward as well as double hinged doors (French Colonial Doors).

Many of the different configurations include a fixed glass frame on either or both sides of the single or double hinged doors.  Fixed framed glazing above the doors can also be ecoGlazed.   These fixed windows are also referred to as side lites and high lites.

5. Decorative Glass Entrance Doors

Decorative glass front doors come in several varieties, including frosted glass, glazed, ripple, beveled, water glass, stained glass, lead light glass and so on.

They are almost always hinged doors, single or double, opening inward.  It may be just one decorative door or in various configurations of fixed panes on either or both sides of the door and a square or rectangular shape at the top.  These are referred to as side lites and high lites.

All these types can be ecoGlazed.   There is no question that a decorative front door is a focal point of your entry way, and certainly increase the curb appeal of your home.  ecoGlaze will even enhance these features making your door more attractive, and more secure whilst providing all the benefits of double glazing.

Side Lites and High Lites are a huge benefit for increasing the light in your hallway or entrance room and always provide a glimpse into your front entry space. Your indoor pets think they are pretty special too as they can see out the clear glass spaces and check out what is going on in the world.

ecoGlaze will make you much more comfortable throughout the year, reduce your energy usage and costs, will not detract from the light or beauty of your door.  You maintain your house’s  curb appeal  and increase your safety. 

There are solutions if your doors are not suitable for ecoGlaze

There are other, cheaper products that will do part of the job. Renshade Reflective Foil is an effective, cheap and easy to install option for shading your doors and keeping out the worst of the summer heat.  It also helps in cold weather too.

If you have heavy drapes, or could install heavy drapes across you sliding doors then installing, ecoMasters Invisible Pelmets to increase  the thermal efficiency of your doors without the need for a box type pelmet. But if you want a permanent door insulation solution then it comes down to a choice between high quality secondary glazing, like ecoGlaze, or double glazing.