Meet the Inventor

Technology fit for your home.

From his home to yours, Maurice Beinat brings cutting edge retrofit technology to real home life.

Generally speaking, it’s not uncommon for people to see art and science as opposing forces, destined to never cross paths – this is not how Maurice Beinat sees the world. Combining his technical expertise with the subtlety of the home interior, ecoGlaze® is one of Maurice Beinat’s most impressive innovations to date.

“When I was retrofitting my own home, I wasn’t willing to choose between how well something would work and something my wife would allow the look of … I wanted to create something that was as attractive as it is effective.”

Maurice has spent over a decade researching energy efficiency methodologies and, in this time, he has developed unique solutions that not only combat the two major issues with our homes’ thermal performance (uncontrolled ventilation and unmanaged heat transfer), but also pay due respect to the aesthetic integrity of our homes.

Using his own 1.5 star home as a test case, Maurice has developed and applied technologies to make it as efficient as it can be, reducing his energy use by a massive 84%. That home, now rated at 7.6 stars, is carbon neutral and can actually pay the family to live there.

“This double glazing alternative works by creating a still-air space between the existing glass and the ecoGlaze panel, and that’s what provides the double glazing performance … we can maintain the joinery in its current form and just add components that actually make it look better in many cases than it was before … we save the earth’s resources in doing that.”

Maurice Beinat is the Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder of Australia’s first nationally awarded retrofit company, ecoMaster. To learn more about ecoMaster’s whole home approach to keeping your winter warmth in and the summer heat out of your home, visit