ecoGlaze On Sash – DIY

ecoGlaze by ecoMaster, Australia’s ONLY Masters in thermal home comfort, liveability and energy efficiency

DIY ecoGlaze On Sash



Reminder:  If you have windows that are awning, wind-out, push-out, casement, barn-door types windows and french doors, then the DIY ecoGlaze On-Sash system is for you.  

Step 1. Preparation 

  • 1. Measuring the top and bottom of your Window. 
  • 2. Cutting the top and bottom mouldings to size 
  • 3. Cleaning the Window in Readiness for ecoGlaze

Step 2. Installing the Mouldings

  • 1. Install the Mini Seal to the Perimeter
  • 2. Install the Bottom Moulding and Acrylic Supports
  • 3. Install Top Moulding
  • 4. Measure the side Mouldings 
  • 5. Cut the Side Mouldings
  • 6. Install the Left Hand Moulding 
  • 7. Install the Right Hand Moulding 
  • 8. Fit End Caps from the On-Sash Fit and Finish Kit to the Mouldings. We found this step is easiest when completed with steps 6 and 7

Step 3. Installing the Acrylic

  • 1. Measure your acrylic sheet and order
  • 2. Remove Mouldings from window 
  • 3. Double Check the size 
  • 4. Remove liner from the Acrylic
  • 5. Put Acrylic in place and replace mouldings over the top to secure it in place.