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The most cost effective solution to insulate your windows and doors,
leaving a beautiful finish with all the benefits of double glazing.

Professionally Installed – or – Do It Yourself.


Be amazed with ecoGlaze

Do you need an effective, non-intrusive alternative to double glazing that won’t blow your budget?  

ecoGlaze is the solution you’ve been looking for.

ecoGlaze secondary glazing is beautifully effective, beautiful to look at and beautifully priced. Best of all, it’s designed for you to either have it professionally installed or you can  install yourself.  High quality, crystal clear acrylic panels fit seamlessly to your existing windows with removable  moldings. No mess, no fuss. Just beautiful.

About Glazing

It’s only in recent times that Australian building standards have started to prioritise energy efficiency and effective insulation. This means that the vast majority of Australian homes do a poor job of insulating and maintaining a comfortable temperature year round. The single glazed windows commonly fitted in Australian homes are a major contributor to this situation, with their glass panes not just allowing, but enabling the transfer of heat into the home in summer, and out just when you need it in winter.

How do you solve this problem?

Option 1:  One option is to replace your single glazed windows with doubled glazed windows, which provide much higher levels of insulation. However, completely replacing your windows is obviously very expensive, as well as time-consuming and disruptive. You’ll need tradespeople in the home not just to remove and dispose of your old windows before installing the new ones, but also to undertake additional tasks like refitted architraves, plastering and repainting.

Option 2:  Secondary glazing, effectively retrofit double glazing, is where you add a second panel to your existing windows. This is a simpler, less disruptive and much less expensive solution that is just as effective as double glazing – and with ecoGlaze you have the added benefit of being able to install it yourself, or have it professionally installed.



Sliding Windows

Hinged Windows

Fixed Windows

Double Hung Windows

You need ecoGlaze if:

  • You want all the benefits of double glazing for only 1/3 of the price
  • You want to retain the appearance, character and function of your existing windows while increasing their thermal efficiency by up to 50%
  • You want to reduce your energy bills by up to, or more than 50%
  • You want the choice of installing secondary glazing yourself or employing a professional to do it
  • You want to increase your home’s energy efficiency
  • You want to be environmentally friendly by using less energy and not contributing to landfill
  • You want a reliable and durable glazing solution that’s almost impossible to break and comes with a 30 year warranty

Key Savings Benefits

All the benefits of double glazing at a fraction of the cost

ecoGlaze suits most wooden framed windows and some commercial grade aluminium windows.

Fixed windows, when secondary glazed with ecoGlaze, will look externally beautiful, as too will all of your other wooden framed windows and / or some types of aluminium framed windows.

PLUS, they are strong, durable, easy to clean.  It’s a revolutionary new way of providing thermal efficiency and reducing your energy costs whilst retaining your uninterrupted picturesque views.

What people say about ecoGlaze

The ecoGlaze inventor, Maurice Beinat, Technical Director for ecoMaster, explains more about the benefits of secondary glazing with ecoGlaze.

More than 10 years in development, ecoGlaze is a very elegant solution to minimizing the conduction of single glassed windows. Whilst it looks so simple the scientific development and endless testing to ensure this product lives up to expectations has been a long journey. ecoMaster are proud to present this product for you to install yourself.

Meet Christine and Robin who wanted their home to be more comfortable in every part of their home for all seasons. They achieved significant improvements with ecoGlaze. They say “It actually halved our winter heating bill, it came down from about $1,600 to $800.”

“Most houses are older houses and don’t have double glazing … and updating is cheaper than pulling out the windows …”

Do you need an effective, non-intrusive alternative to double glazing that won’t blow your budget?
ecoGlaze is the solution you’ve been looking for.
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Be amazed with ecoGlaze