Professionally Installed or DIY

Which option suits you best?

Both Professional Installation and DIY have their advantages.  Here are the main factors to consider when making your choice?

Professional Installation

Having ecoGlaze professionally installed is much cheaper than replacing your windows  and/or doors with double glazing.  There are many reasons why you might prefer to have ecoGlaze professionally installed, some being

  • You don’t have the time to DIY
  • You don’t have the experience
  • You simply prefer not to do home improvements yourself 
  • The professionally installed process is seamless
  • You are not inconvenienced with having your existing windows removed
  • You don’t have to dispose of your old windows and having to repair plaster /architraves then re-paint each room

The ecoGlaze professionally installed system is suitable for windows up to 3000mm in size. 

Do it Yourself

If you are intending to install ecoGlaze yourself:

  • Your greatest benefit is of course COST – you save on labour costs
  • You are in control of the whole project
  • You are independent
  • You enjoy doing home improvements yourself
  • You can do it in your own time and pace
  • You will gain new skills
  • And, if you follow the instructions you will have your own professional install and feel a great sense of achievement

The DIY ecoGlaze system is available for fixed windows up to 2100mm size.

ecoGlaze will be available for other types of windows soon. Register your interest here